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Solar Inverters

There are two common types of solar inverters sold in the Australian market. 

Microinverters are great if a panel is shaded or obstructed as the other panels still deliver maximum output.  They are perfectly sized for every roof and can adapt to complex roof layouts.

String inverters are limited by the lowest producing panel.

Enphase (micro inverter)

The best solution if your roof has shade issues or obstructions!

This modular microinverter design means you can easily expand a system as it needs to grow.

IQ Microinverters are inherently safer because they operate at the same low-voltage AC power as your home.

Enphase systems never contain high-voltage DC power.

Fronius (string inverter) 

As the technology leader, Fronius finds, develops and implements innovative methods to monitor and control energy for photovoltaics and battery charging.

SMA (string inverter)

As a leading global specialist in photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralized, digital and renewable energy supply of tomorrow.

Sungrow (string inverter)

A leader in the research and development of solar inverters, with the largest dedicated R & D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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